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Virtual Classroom Experience


The Pinnacle Virtual Classroom Experience offers cutting-edge technology while offering a full customized learning experience. 

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From one-hour interactive seminars to multi-day customized workshops, Pinnacle Performance Company leverages its acclaimed intention-based training methods to deliver a variety of customized communication offerings.

The Pinnacle Method’s three-step process takes you through a series of practical interactive simulations to ensure that you deliver your message with purpose. 

The Pinnacle Method

The award-winning Pinnacle Method applies our innovative three-step process to every form of communication, from formal presentations to difficult one-on-one conversations. We show you how focusing on your message's objective and delivery is critical in influencing audience reactions.

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Virtual Classroom Experience

Virtual Classroom Experience

The Pinnacle Virtual Classroom is a fully customized learning experience delivered by Pinnacle Master Instructors from our state-of-the-art studio. Ideal for training remote and dispersed workforces, the Virtual Classroom delivers the same award-winning content as our on-site workshops through a collaborative and interactive environment, including:

• Focused learning chunks

• Active interaction for engagement

• Learning adoption beyond the classroom

Our Pinnacle Diagnostic Tools

Remote assessment

Remote assessment prior to program commencement

At Pinnacle, our training is always custom-built for your organization –so we’ve thought a lot about how best to gather information from participants before training commences. The result is a suite of remote assessment tools that provide simple and user-friendly interfaces for your people to express their group and individual needs around communication. 

Diagnostic & Development

Diagnostic & Development Plans for program participants

Practice makes perfect! After attending one of our award-winning workshops, our master trainers can prepare individual Diagnostic & Development Plans that provide each participant with a totally personal learning journey to ensure that everyone can reach their full potential. Recommendations can include a range of video- and audio-based exercises that can be accessed through our Learning Portal.

CAP Assessments

Communication & Presence (CAP) Assessments for program managers

Great leaders are always great communicators. Discover the “A” players in your organization who have future leadership potential. The CAP Assessment is a detailed, confidential report for your eyes only. It analyzes and compares individuals across a range of measures including body language, vocal quality, executive presence, and engagement: the predictors of leadership and communication success.

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Our Multi-Channel Pinnacle Performance Training Model

Video-based learning

Video-based learning

The global business environment makes it difficult to assemble teams for intensive multi-day training. Pinnacle has created a variety of programs to accommodate geographically divergent teams. Our Video Learning Modules are pre-recording learning bites used to improve knowledge and pre-teach our award-winning communication techniques ahead of a face-to-face workshop.

Customized workshop

Customized workshop

The jewel in the crown of Pinnacle’s Communication Skills Training is our multi-award winning workshop. Delivered to your company by our hand-picked master trainers, these comprehensive, fun-filled workshops are dynamic and experiential spaces in which your people can build confidence and ability extremely quickly. Workshops typically run from one to three days and are totally customized to address your organizational and individual needs.

Live Virtual Coaching

Live Virtual Coaching

Individual communication skills are further fine-tuned through a series of one-on-one sessions. Through live online coaching, Pinnacle Master Instructors diagnose personal challenge points, provide real-time feedback, and collaborate on an action plan for improvement in addition to providing instruction in new communication and presentation modules.

App-based learning

App-based life-long learning/coaching

We're passionate about life-long learning and are keenly interested in long-term retention of our techniques, which gives you greater return on investment. That's why we've built an impressive range of exercises, video modules, and tips and tricks –all of which can be accessed via a special Pinnacle App. We can also give Pinnacle Program participants access to all of their reports and videos, which provides them with a rich resource to refer back to at any time.

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