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The Importance of Communication in the Teaching Sector

Amongst all professionals, teachers may be the most impacted by the success or failure of their communication. Learning goes beyond simply conveying information; the best teachers maximize retention and keep their students engaged throughout the entire learning process.

Motivating students of all ages to learn is the biggest challenge facing most teachers. Teachers need to be adept at listening, expressing, writing and speaking. They need to be able break down complex ideas into terms that students can understand, and they should be able to deal effectively with parents and administrators. Teachers wear many hats --and communication plays a role in all of them.

Drawing from several hundred modules and skill areas, we build custom programs to help you reach your organization's communication objectives

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Top Communication Skills for Teachers

Providing inspiration

Inspire students

Motivate learners to take ownership of their educational process. The best students are those who WANT to be in the classroom. Discover techniques for exciting students beyond their subject matter, and learn to incorporate instructional techniques that will continually engage students and maximize retention.

Stand your ground

Politick like a champ

Whether it's an annoying helicopter parent, a micromanaging administrator, or a know-it-all colleague, a larger suite of communication techniques will serve you in any situation. Learn how to manage people through better use and awareness of your communication skills.


Be better

Teaching and communication are inseparable. The best teachers are those who possess a variety of tools and know when and how to use them. Discover where instruction and communication intersect for you --and how to make the most of your unique skillset.

Which are the most common barriers to effective communication for teachers?

- Poor curricula


- Large class sizes


- Unsupportive school infrastructure


- Environmental/technological factors


- Poor public speaking skills

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