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The Importance of Communication in the Finance and Banking Sector

Communicating in the financial services industry is consistently challenging. Lingering lack of consumer trust and the conservative nature of interpersonal communication make it difficult to be creative and engage an audience. Knowing how to maximize your communication skillset is paramount.

Convincing another to trust you with their money is one of the most difficult tasks in the professional world. Navigating challenging and complicated regulations, identifying growth opportunities, and understanding the ebb and flow of the markets may all come second nature to a financier --but how do you make it engaging? How do you simplify your message and engender the trust that you need to get the deal done? It all starts with communication.

Drawing from several hundred modules and skill areas, we build custom programs to help you reach your organization's communication objectives.

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Top Communication Skills for Finance and Bank Workers

Project confidence

Project confidence

When you're handling other people's money, you had best seem trustworthy. Understanding how others perceive you and being conscious of your body language is critical. Confidence is contagious --and it engenders trust, motivates others, and enhances your professional presence.

Penetrate jargon

Penetrate the jargon

Translate the complexity of finance into something comprehensible. Drill down to make your content more concise and more effective. Discover ways to simplify ideas that don't undermine their importance.


Apply your personal stamp

Professionalism isn't stoicism. You can build relationships with your character and personality on display and simultaneously maintain your credibility. Find ways to turn your idiosyncracies into strengths without sacrificing the professional demeanor that you've worked hard to build and maintain.

Which are the most common barriers to effective communication for finance and bank workers?

- Too much jargon and technical content


- "Stuffed shirt" syndrome


- Executive to employee communication gap


- Difficult deadlines


- Demanding clients

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