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Whatever industry you’re in, we know that any plans you have to dominate your industry sector will need to be built on the strongest and most consistent communication strategies. Every industry has its stakeholders, clients, employees, and leaders –and it is your ability as an organization to build engagement with these different audiences that will differentiate you from the pack.

Pinnacle is a multiple award-winning provider of totally customized training solutions for organizations of all sizes. We work across all industry sectors to provide programs that fit perfectly to your communicative objectives.

Finance & Banking

The Finance & Banking sector is the powerhouse of nations. Working with highly diversified stakeholders from consumers through to industry giants and political powers, the Finance & Banking sector must lead on confidence, trust, commitment, and engagement. This calls for the very best approaches to communication, and any organization is only as strong as its weakest link. We work with some of the world’s leading finance and banking institutions to ensure that their communication, both internally and externally, is second to none.

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Whatever your role in the manufacturing industry, you are likely to be working on a worldwide scale, with suppliers, subcontractors, distributors, and customers scattered across the globe. This calls for highly advanced communicative strategies that need to draw on a wide range of highly specific skills. When dealing with overseas partners where English may not be everyone’s first language, we can help to provide training programs that ensure flawless communication across a mix of verbal and non-verbal skillsets. We can show you how to build trust and confidence without ever uttering a word.

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The consulting sector is global, and outstanding levels of communication and understanding are the basis of international consulting. Pinnacle works across all levels from top executives and partners through to recent graduates. We help to ensure that everyone in your organisation is not only speaking the same language, but that they’re communicating in highly efficient ways that demonstrate the clarity, leadership, and confidence that your firm looks to bring to the aid of your clients.

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Technology firms know that they are amongst the most complex when it comes to the different types of people working within their four walls. Successful technology firms combine incredible engineering ability with creativity and lateral thinking. This makes for some very interesting non-linear working patterns and approaches, which means that communication channels can be truly randomized and sometimes ambiguous. We bring our multiple award-winning Pinnacle Method™ to the table, and help you to take communication to new levels of sophistication. Clear, accurate, intention-based communication will ensure that your organization can power forward --taking everyone with it.

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The medical sector calls for levels of sensitivity and accuracy around communication extending beyond what is expected in most other industry sectors because getting communication right can have a direct effect on life itself. There are so many highly specific and specialized situations where perfect communication is essential --from operating theater teams through to one-on-one care situations, emergency services, and management. Pinnacle’s groundbreaking, award-winning approaches leave nothing to chance. Every program that we create is custom-built around your current situation as an organization and the specific communicative areas that you need focus for.

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The pharmaceutical industry is another leading sector where Pinnacle’s award-winning communication training delivers outstanding results. The need is massive for the various internal stakeholders – such as marketing, legal, finance and research - to work collaboratively. Our outstanding approaches to communication help to ensure that even the most divergent opinions can be heard and understood when they are articulated in a way that can be understood easily by others. Get everyone on the same page, and this is one of the industries where the synergies can be amazing.

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Pinnacle can provide totally tailor-made training programs based on your industry sector and deliver them through face-to-face workshops and multi-channel delivery.

Tell us how better communication would help your organization, and we will deliver an award-winning solution.


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Drawing from several hundred modules and skill areas, we build custom programs to help you reach your organization's communicative objectives.

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