• Symphonic Leadership: An Interactive Concert Learning Experience

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Symphonic Leadership teaches the same intention-based communication techniques that have made conductors, performers, and world leaders more confident, believable, and engaging for centuries. By leveraging the symphonic experience of an orchestra to illustrate the behavior changes facilitated by communication, Pinnacle Performance Company and world renowned conductor Maestro Gernot Schulz have created an intensive learning experience. Through this experience you will learn how to convey your intention effectively to captivate, motivate, and influence your audience.

World renowned conductor Maestro Gernot Schulz and global communication skills training leader Pinnacle Performance Company have partnered to offer a one of a kind, interactive, learning experience featuring a live orchestra.

Learn to

•    Lead, motivate, and influence audience behavior

•    Become more self-aware, nimble, and empathetic

•    Build loyalty and collaboration among team members

•    Become a more confident & compelling communicator

•    Analyze your audience, understand your objective and communicate with a clear intention

Maestro Gernot Schulz

Maestro Gernot Schulz has devoted his life to mastering classical music – understanding the composer’s intention and conveying it collaboratively with an orchestra. A disciple of legendary conductors Leonard Bernstein, Herbert von Karajan, and Sir Georg Solti, Maestro Schulz has lead some of the world’s most renowned orchestras. The talent, expertise, and leadership skills he developed as a conductor make this incredible leadership communication course a rare opportunity!

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