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What Are Presentation Skills? A Definition


Successful leaders at work stand out as being highly dependable and consistent. They project confidence and stability.

Everyone is capable of creating a strong, positive image by developing presentation skills. This includes having an understanding of your audience at all times, crafting the delivery of each and every exchange so that you are clear, concise, and highly effective at getting your message across.


In formal settings, this might involve good use of visual aids, telling a story, controlling a difficult audience, or launching with a strong and engaging introduction. In informal situations, it is equally important to present your thoughts and opinions with precision. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and increases on-the-job efficiency.

Presentation Skills: Examples

First impressions

Create a good first impression

Initial reactions are difficult to change, and many people never get the chance. See how others see you, and ensure that you're projecting confidence and credibility with every word and gesture. Discover what factors play into generating first impressions and learn tools and techniques for making the most of your initial moments in front of an audience.


Go beyond your content

Message is important, but so is how your message is conveyed. Increase your self-awareness and enlarge your suite of vocal and physical tools to make certain that your message is landing with maximum impact. Discover strategies for appealing to your audience's head and heart. Understand the power of congruency, the importance of rehearsal, and how to take advantage of the inherent presenter/audience relationship.

Engage your audience

Own the room

Communication shouldn't be a one-way street. Make your audience a part of the event and control the ebb and flow of engagement. Know when to command or share focus to keep your audience on the edge of their seat. Incorporate strategies and techniques to ensure that your presentation isn't just another slide deck or data dump.

Maybe you know that your organization needs to work on presentation skills in general, but you're not sure where to start. Or perhaps you need help identifying the specific blend of skills your people will need to deliver knockout presentations every time.


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