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What Are Interpersonal Skills? A Definition


Effective communication is of the highest importance in our daily interaction with other people. Our interpersonal skills help us to convey messages appropriately in different situations and ensure that we use active listening techniques to collaborate fully with others.


At work, interpersonal skills allow us to get along with a wide range of colleagues and to meet business and operational goals effectively as a team. Pinnacle fine-tunes your interpersonal skills to make you more effective during any engagement.

Interpersonal Skills: Examples

First impressions

Create a good first impression

You are judged within the first 7 seconds of meeting someone. Despite what you do or say afterwards, changing someone's initial impression of you is incredibly difficult. Understanding the factors that create impressions and how to exert control over them is vital when communicating.


Project confidence

By showing the world a confident version of yourself, you will earn the trust of an audience. They will be intrigued and engaged, and they are all but certain to like having you around. Projecting confidence inspires others to be confident, which engenders trust, creates motivation, and enhances your professional presence.


Use your voice

The human voice has tremendous range and capability, and it is one of the most powerful audience-engagement tools in your arsenal. By adapting your pitch, speed, pace, and a host of other aspects, you can connect the way you speak to what you're trying to achieve with powerful outcomes.

Body language

Use your body

Your posture and body language speak volumes about you before you open your mouth. If your body is saying one thing whilst your mouth says something else, your audience may be confused by the incongruency. Aligning your physicality with your spoken words maximizes your effectiveness and will have a significant impact on your audience.

Do you know what interpersonal skills you need –but not how to achieve them? Perhaps you know what you want to achieve but you don’t know what key skills you need to get there?


Pinnacle can deliver your training face-to-face through workshops, through our Virtual Coach, or through a blended solution.


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Other Communication Skills

You can truly tailor your own program to fit your exact needs –all based on the award-winning Pinnacle Method™


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