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What are Communication Skills?

Communication is the act of moving information. Communication between people can take place directly from person to person using voice and words (vocal and verbal communication), and nonverbally through the use of body language, gestures, and visual aids. We also communicate using various emotional cues that can be extremely subtle. Communication Skills are the tools that we use to be able to communicate effectively with others.

The Top 5 Communication Skills we focus on at Pinnacle

Interpersonal Skills

Effective communication is of the highest importance in our daily interaction with other people. Our interpersonal skills help us to convey messages appropriately in different situations and ensure we use active listening techniques to collaborate fully with others. At work, interpersonal skills often focus on our ability to get on with a wide range of colleagues and to meet business and operational goals effectively as past of a team. At Pinnacle, we train you to be highly effective by fine-tuning your interpersonal skills.

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Presentation Skills

Success leaders at work stand out as being highly dependable and consistent. They project confidence and stability. It is within [change everybody's to everyone's] capability to develop a strong, positive image by developing their [make lower case for uniformity: presentational skills]. This includes having an understanding of your audience at all times, crafting the delivery of each and every work exchange so that you are clear, concise, and highly effective at getting your message across. In formal settings, this might involve good use of visual aids, telling a story, controlling a difficult audience, or launching with a strong and engaging introduction. In informal situations, it is equally important to present your thoughts and opinions with precision. This ensures that everyone is on the same page, and it helps to get the job done faster, too.

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Listening Skills

You can gain so very much from listening attentively to other people. In communicative situations, it is paramount to listen carefully -yet too many of us are simply waiting for the other person to finish talking in order to launch into our own speech. Truly effective communication is a collaborative process that builds consensus and understanding. If you’re not listening actively, and you’re not really ‘in the moment’, then you’re likely to miss something important.

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Interview Skills

This is an important subset of communication skills that is often overlooked. Interview skills are those highly polished communication skills which are applied to quiet interactions that are typically one-to-one interactions. It might be a formal boardroom situation or an informal watercooler conversation; either way, there is everything to play for in interview situations. Sometimes there is a risk of being caught off guard in the intimacy or the unpredictability of interview and other one-on-one situations –so it’s important to have a plan, to understand who you’re talking to, to know what what you mean to say, and to identify the effect that you hope to have on your counterpart.

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Leadership Skills

Effective leadership is essential for organizations to succeed and thrive. The best leaders excel at a wide variety of interpersonal and professional skills, but they also understand the importance of maximizing the potential of those around them. True leadership doesn't rely on authority or power; it incorporates inspiration, persuasion, and personal connections –all them instruments of good communicators

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