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"It matched my needs. Good value for your time." - Greg Hall, Systems Engineer

"I've been in sales for 20+ years and this was the most useful and enjoyable session I've ever been involved with." - David Mockensturm, Account Executive

"Pinnacle teaches participants how to handle oneself in a social environment, and that is very beneficial to our Indian colleagues as they continue to cultivate relationships." - Aarti Gupta, Global Head of Learning and Culture

"I think every individual who wants to improve communication and presentation skills should attend the session. The amount of work done by Pinnacle in designing this training is amazing."- Aditya V. Satpute

"Trainers are excellent." - Megan Finnegan, Account Executive

"I've had a lot of sales training and this was a new way to address old problems. [The] trainer was AMAZING." - Autumn Welch, Account Executive

"On behalf of my entire sales team for the Eastern Region, I wanted to tell you how much everyone enjoyed the training. We all came out of the session feeling refreshed, and I've confirmed that each and every one of them will be able to take something back from the class and apply it in the field. Thanks!" - Tim Shortall, Vice President of U.S. Eastern Region Sales

"Instant and easy to use...fun! Who wouldn't want this?" - Carolyn Del Vecchio

"Very helpful. Real world learning...great pace, energy and subject matter." - Mary Reed

"Instructor was very honest with comments. Helped each person will skills they needed to work on." - Kyle Alvut, Colorist

"Perfectly executed. I got to know how simple things can make a big difference."- Jitesh Agrawal

"This is definitely one of the most creative workshops [I've taken.] It will help me to improve my skills." - Priti Parekar, Recruitment Lead

"Everything about this training is perfect...the best training I have ever received." - Abishek Sinha

“Thank you for the training! My team really valued the experience and recognized the opportunity it affords them. I am sure that’s due to your abilities and commitment to quality. I look forward to sending the remaining members of my team through.” - Doris Guilfoyle, Operations and Training Manager

"The class was excellent! It was great to learn about the material from someone who acts, entertains and presents for a living." - Debra Vent, Color Scientist

"It was extremely useful for my job and it presented new skills in a very simple non-threatening manner. Instructor was great." - Ricardo R. Figueroa, Digital and Hybrid Technical Sales Manager

“This [training] would be extremely valuable to anyone who facilitates for a profession and/or hobby. I highly enjoyed this course.” - Skye Davis, Training and Development Specialist

“It was one of the best workshops I have ever been to. The trainer was great.” - Anne Gaeta, Training and Development Specialist

"Very interactive and fast-paced. Of all the presentation sessions I've done, this was the most beneficial." - Scott Baylor

"A person could not take this course, no matter how good a presenter, and not emerge with an enhanced set of skills. Very inspiring and enjoyable." - Denise C. Thompson

"Everyone who interacts in a training or meeting setting can benefit." - Diane Daniels, Training and Development Specialist

"Everything I experienced was useful not only for my professional life, but for my personal life as well. Fabulous!" - Morgan Krehbiel, Training and Development Specialist

"Every speaker should go through this course." - Tricia Gale, Resource Analyst

"It was extremely engaging - never bored, time went quickly." - Carol DiLallo, CSA Mississauga Ed Center

"The instructor was great." - Maureen Brennan, Public Relations Supervisor

"Our teacher made us feel extremely comfortable and always had some constructive criticism. You could really tell that he enjoyed teaching." - Jason Conway, Account Executive

"Anyone can benefit in some way from this course." - Mikala Daigle, PR Account Executive

"The concepts presented by Pinnacle Performance Company have proven immediately useful for our management team." - Michael A. Garber, Ph.D., Director of Training and Development

"This course deals in the building blocks instead of abstract, which gives the ability to see progress as blocks are added. I will send our department managers to this training as it will benefit their performance and career." - Lonnie Dyck, Plant Manager

"It was very beneficial to my confidence as a leader. I found it extremely helpful and had a lot of fun." - Krystal Kotulski, Assistant Executive Housekeeper

"In my opinion the training was exceptional. It was an excellent experience." - Cara Goss, Hotel/Tower Supervisor

"All departments can benefit greatly from this course." - Geneva Koenig, Front Desk Supervisor

"It was an eye-opener." - Angie Jones, User Support Services

"Excellent. The best instruction on presentation skills I've ever had." - Gayla Creasey, Records Analyst

"Very engaging and useful. Even if you are the best speaker, this training would help you. I enjoyed it found it extremely useful." - Kendra Simon, HR Supervision

"The course was energetic and engaging. The process of introduction of material, practice, implementation then analysis was extremely useful and well done." - Lou Stocco, Plant Manager

"Beneficial to all levels or presenting skills." - Joe Tanashian, Sales

"Pinnacle helped our sales people recognize the impact that purpose and passion play in every customer contact. Our overall sales effectiveness has improved as a result of the training." -Tom Schencker, Director of Health Services Sales Training and Development

"I loved it! No one else does this, and this component is very critical to sales presentations". - Nancy A. Stoeckel, Account Manager, Home Care Division

"Best training I've had in over 15 years of sales." - Miriam Dunn, Walgreens Specialty Rep

"It really opens your eyes as to how others perceive you." - Rick Peabody, Regional Account Manager of Northeast Option Care

"The people are pros! I will be so much less nervous with my next presentation. [I learned] many, many useful skills." - Cheryl Economos, Account Manager

"Pinnacle's intention was clear: make us better presenters by building on our strengths. I can see a variety of ways Pinnacle's training will be useful throughout our company." - Vicki D. Langan, Senior V.P. Operations

"Excellent instructor. Anyone who needs to communicate effectively needs this." - Josh Stalker

"Coming from an actor's perspective, people who present constantly, taught me techniques I didn't expect. It was wonderful." - Yahaira Franceschini

"The instructors we sent to Pinnacle training increased their quality delivery score by 10% and now have the highest quality delivery scores at Oracle." - Larry Frazier, Director of Training Practices

"Anyone who has to give presentations would benefit from Pinnacle's training." - Karen Wayman, Training Instructor

"I walked away with an arsenal of tips that will greatly enhance my presentation skills, both at work, and life in general."-Barbara Snyder, Senior Instructor

"Given all of the presentation courses I've taken over the years, this is by far the best in terms of the skills developed/improved." - Chris Makell, Global Program Manager

"Pinnacle Performance Co. helped dramatically improve our patient satisfaction ratings by working with our nurses and other personnel to improve our communication with the patients and their families. And they did so with practical exercises revelant to our day to day operations." - Celeste Wheatley, Clinical Manager

"The trainers helped to provide a safe learning environment." - Jose Gallegos

"The energy, content, variety, instant feedback were fantastic. It was one of the rare situations where I could incorporate that feedback to solidify my learning. I was admittedly sad when the training ended." - Alice Landis-McGrath, MD

"For once, presentations skills that are applicable and fun!" - Joel Berger

"The trainer was exceptional and I really appreciated his candidness and professionalism." - Michelle Coughlin

"[The training] moved you out of your comfort zone. [For] both business and personal, this course was relevant." - Michael Duffy, National Accounts Manager

"[An] excellent, real world course." - Carey Battersby

"Relevant to my job. Presenters were knowledgable and had a great sense of humor and purpose. Unlike many other courses I will keep and refer to the material in attempt to keep incorporating what I have learned." - Janet Rinehart

"It was as fun as it was informative. Anyone doing presentations, demos or public speaking would benefit for Pinnacle's training." - Susan Snyder, RN Manager - Product Consultants


"I was hesitant at the beginning because I have taken a lot of public speaking classes. This course is different from all others." - Margaret Hug, Manager of Sales Operations

"I never felt as though I was being presented to - I was being taught. Every person who has to communicate - no matter the format - should attend. Solid, valuable stuff." - Shar Becker, Director of Customer Analytics

"The presenter was very impressive in his delivery and made the session fun." - Clare Bailey, Supply and Marketing Specialist

"One of the best courses I've ever taken." - Becky Hurtado, Benefits Representative

"Very helpful to become more confident and effective in presentations or other communication." - Maureen Egan, Training & Development Manager

"I enjoyed it tremendously." - Rob Sloyan

"Incredibly beneficial to any professional who wants to stand out among the crowd." - Kelvin King

"It was fun! I've never laughed so much in a training." - Lisa Cooley

"I LOVED IT! The catering to each individual's needs was excellent!" - Jackie McMahon

"[The trainer] had a wonderful way of critiquing the speakers in a way that was both comfortable and beneficial. I learned more about myself as a speaker in those two days of training than I have learned in all years of speaking." - Elizabeth Tate, Supply & MKT Specialist

"Best training I have ever taken." - Ryan Stokes

"Very adaptable. Very engaging. Great course and content. Terrific!" - Michelle Silwonuk, Managing Director, Treasury and Security Services

"One of the best courses I've attended." - Lisa Foradori, Managing Director, Retail Marketing

"This training helped me see what my strengths and weaknesses are and gave me the tools to grow within my craft." - Linda McAleer, Sales Distribution Trainer

"Great course!! I would highly recommend this to anyone." - Megan Naas, BAE

"The content was very good and the trainer was excellent in the delivery and knowledge." - Jason Meyers

"The course was real world...the lessons came alive." - Susan Posey, Vice President, Training

"I am a seasoned trainer and confident in my abilities and loved this class. I have walked out of here with a wealth of information and feel equipped to put it into practice in two days." -Tonya Tiggett, Assistant Vice President, Operations

"[I liked] the unique approach to presentations skills [and] the focus on "performance." The core topics were relevant and targeted to the group. [It] was exceptional and relevant." - Karen Nealis

"This has been the most valuable training I've received as part of [our program]. Thanks!!" - Roy Rodriquez, Customer Care Account Manager

"The training was very useful." - Eric Gonzalez, BAE

"The fun atmosphere. Excellent instructor...the pace, everything. It was a refreshingly different approach to presentation skills training." - Bonnie Bottini

"All supervisors and above should attend [this course.] Great training!!" - Tara Frees, Computer Operations Manager

"Excellent for those not used to presenting formally as well as seasoned veterans." - Roger Lower

"I feel so enriched! Best training on communications I've ever received. Will use right away and from now on." - Monica Guillory

"I have participated in several workshops in my 27 years with RRD. This was the most applicable one to date. Very beneficial." - Glynn Perry

"Immediate benefits...Very worthwhile. Great investment of time." - Dave Garriott, GBS Commercial Thread Manager

"Lots of fun...I think this is a great course for anyone who does a lot of presenting or is beginning to." - Theresa Miller, Research Analyst

"I learned things that I thought were very important to [achieve] our goals as a company. Fantastic." - Leah Becherer, Account Manager

"Everyone who ever has to present should take it. Very useful." - Brad Collins, IT Support Manager

"I feel I have gained confidence and tools to enhance my presentations." - Beth Mruz, Client/Server Developer

"Probably the most enjoyable course I've been in for years." - Josie Foster, Owner and Consultant

"Thoroughly enjoyable even though I was stretched at times. I was able to clearly see my own improvement in two days." - Dr. Ron Kill, Micronz, Ltd.

"This course encourages participation and challenges the individual to see where they need to improve. It was truly an amazing experience, and the content and presenter was what made the course." - Venitia Johnson, Staff Analyst

"I am confident I learned a great deal and will apply it immediately." - Steve Bove

"This was one of the best classes I've attended at HBO. The instructor was fantastic and each of the breakouts helped to challenge my communication and presentation skills." - IG, Business Continuity Manager

"It was great! I really have a lot I can take away and work on incorporating in my work. Great instructor!" - Shaina, Sales Department Executive

"Not the 'same old training class' that every corporate sales rep has been to over and over! Great pace, energy and interaction." - Scott Klein, Vice President

"Appropriate for all professionals..." - Jim Quinn, Business Development Manager, Florida

"Relevant yet easily understood and applicable materials and ideas. [The instructor] was awesome at role modeling concepts!" - Amber Jenson, Human Resources Officer

"Training was excellent and current with today's way of doing proper presentations." - Troy Mastroine, Senior Claim Manager

"I loved it. It made you step out of the box and be comfortable doing so." - Andre Hemingway

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