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The Pinnacle Method™ is a multiple award-winning approach to effective communication. Using an innovative three-step approach, the Pinnacle Method™ has the power to transform all of your communications through the power of intention.


The same techniques that have made actors and world leaders confident, believable, and engaging for centuries can have the same impact for you. Pinnacle's intention-based techniques ensure that your delivery reflects your desired outcome so that your audience understands why your message is important.

The Pinnacle Method™

By applying our award-winning three-step approach to all of your communications, you will instantly become more compelling, effective and confident as a communicator.


Our approach is about analyzing your audience, understanding their needs, and modifying your delivery. Most importantly, the Pinnacle Method™ trains you how to consider your OBJECTIVE and your INTENTION.


What is Intention?

Intention is the purpose and emotion behind your message. The key to influencing your audience is to ensure that you have a strong intention and that your delivery is congruent with that intention.


All of our programs are custom-made according to your organization's particular requirements, and every group can have a different variation. Everyone we train will learn the Pinnacle Method™.

Your Objective

We also teach you how to get your desired outcome from your communications with others, whether you're talking one on one or to an entire organization. Understanding your objective is about knowing what you want your audience to do –and how you want them to react.


By applying the three-step Pinnacle process, you will soon be achieving a perfect alignment between your objectives and your intention, and you'll be modifying your delivery to make it happen for you.

Award-winning US company

Pinnacle has won 12 World Human Resources Development Congress awards over the last six years, including:

  • Training Provider of the Year in 2017, 2016, 2015, 2012
  • Innovation in Learning in 2017, 2016, 2015, 2013, 2012, 2011
  • Best Use of Technology For Training in 2016, 2015
  • Best Service Provider in HR in 2015
  • Best Training Management Provider in 2011

"I am a seasoned trainer and confident in my abilities and loved this class. I have walked out of here with a wealth of information and feel equipped to put it into practice in two days."

Tonya Tiggett, Chase, Assistant Vice President, Operations

"By bringing communication back to first principles, Lewis and Mills get beyond the tricks and traps and help you understand what really engages an audience."

Dylan Taylor, CEO, USA, Colliers International

Contact us now to request a customized program for your organization. Every program includes the core modules of The Pinnacle Method™ and is totally adapted to your needs

Our program is delivered by our amazing team of trainers as a face-to-face workshop in your company. We also have totally integrated online and app-based solutions for live learning on the go


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