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Sage Advice

5 Stories Every Leader Must Have – Sage Advice: Episode 49

G. Riley Mills met with Sage Advice at ATD International a few months ago and shared a simple framework of stories that every leader should have as part of his or her arsenal. Click here to listen!

WGN Business Lunch

Want to know the Four Skills Tomorrow's Leaders Will Need to Thrive? Pinnacle COO G. Riley Mills discussed his latest Forbes Coaches Council post on the WGN Wintrust Business Lunch last week. Visit WGN Radio AM 720 to listen now!

HR Magazine

How to Improve Leaders' Communication Skills, published by SHRM in their HR Magazine. Read G. Riley Mills' advice here!

Training Industry, Inc.

Leadership Lessons from the Zombie Apocalypse! G. Riley Mills interviewed New York Times best selling author of The Walking Dead novels Jay Bonansinga. Read Jay's best storytelling practices in our contributed post for Training Industry, Inc.


Are We Killing Communication?

There are more than 5 billion cell phones in the world today. Because of this technology, we interact with people in different ways. Is technology enhancing or destroying our communication? How will we hit the bullseye with our communication in the year 2030? Read our latest Forbes post to find out.

Ceylon Today

Pinnacle Performance Company Human Beings Want to be Understood - Gary Mills

In this Q&A interview, G. Riley Mills speaks with Ceylon Tech Talk about our new book, The Bullseye Principle, our mission, and how important it is to influence emotions to motivate action. Read More.


13 Tips For Overcoming Shyness In Business Settings

Forbes Coaches Council asked its members for their best tips on overcoming shyness so business professionals can get more of their great ideas out in the open. Read our tip (Number 10)!


Doctor Duncan

Hit The Bullseye With Your #Communication! Read G. Riley Mills' interview with Forbes contributor and #leadership expert Doctor Duncan!

We recently discussed The Bullseye Principle with Forbes contributor and leadership expert Dr. Rodger Duncan. Effective communication skills are at the heart of personal and professional success, which is the essence of The Bullseye Principle, a definitive guide for anyone wanting to excel with high-stakes conversations, presentations, and collaborations. Read more


LEADx #272: G. Riley Mills Is Back To Tell You How To Achieve Your Goals!

New York Times bestselling author and LEADx founder Kevin Kruse interviewed Pinnacle Performance Company co-founder and COO G. Riley Mills for the second time. This interview covered communication skills best practices for personal and professional success. Click Here to Watch!

The 21st Show

Cooking for Eid; New Dinosaur in the Field Museum; Communication Strategies

The 21 Show recently interviewed Pinnacle Co-founder and COO G. Riley Mills. The public radio show, hosted by Niala Boodhoo, brings news, culture, and stories that matter to Illinois. During the interview, Gary discussed Internet sensation Phil Davison and his fiery speech, Donald Trump’s communication style and how 2020 candidates will have to adjust their communication, The Bullseye Principle, our 3-step process for influential communication, and more.Click Here to Listen.

ATD 2018

Reporter's Notebook: Summaries of Tuesday ATD 2018 Sessions

An intention-based communication approach involves understanding what you want from your training or presentation, and how you expect to get there. Prior to presenting, trainers should be able to fill in the intention and objective in the following sentence: “I want to [intention] my audience so that my audience will [objective]. Read More

WGN Radio

The Wintrust Business Lunch 5/1/18: Hiring Disabled Workers, Meghan Markle’s Influence, & “The Bullseye Principle”

A relatively slow market day but the market drivers are still causing the ups and downs as Steve Alexander provided the latest to Steve Bertrand from the business office. Andy Imparato and Laura Wilelm then explained why the disabled workforce is often over looked by employers, but are now being more regularly considered, while Suzanne Muchin discussed how much influence Meghan Markle will have in Europe, and Gary Mills shared the details of his new book, “The Bullseye Principle“. Click Here to Listen

Training Industry

Effective Leadership Communication Creates Effective Teams

In other words, the best teams communicate effectively. And it starts with leadership. In a Quantum Leadership Group survey of 195 leaders in 15 countries over 30 global organizations, communication was involved in six of the top 10 leadership competencies. Unfortunately, in a recent study by Clear Company, 86 percent of employees and executives cited a “lack of collaboration” or “ineffective communication” as the source of most workplace failures. Read More


Three Simple Steps to Engage and Influence Any Audience

Professional actors and great communicators always start by identifying an objective to pursue with their communication -- a goal they hope to achieve with an audience hearing their message. Actors and leaders want their listeners to feel something, and subsequently do something, as a result of hearing what they have to say. For Romeo, it’s to make Juliet fall in love with him, for a politician it’s to win votes, and for a salesperson, it’s to motivate a client to buy. Read More

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